10 Tips and Tricks You Must Know to Get Better at Gunfire Reborn (2024)

Gunfire Reborn is one of the most entertaining FPS roguelikes you can find on Steam. Gunfire reborn has a colorful cast of characters and uniquely fun weapons that will give you hundreds of hours of fun. The randomized stats and generated levels keep the game interesting, but with so much randomization, it’s often times hard for new players.

Regardless if you’re new or have some experience under your belt, we have a few tips and tricks that will improve your Gunfire Reborn runs today!

1. Always Look for Vaults

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One key to gaining power in Gunfire Reborn is through completing challenges, defeating bosses, or opening chests. It’s instantly essential to take a moment and scan the level for potential Vaults because they will reward you with better weapons or Occult Scrolls.

Occult Scrolls are one of the main ways to buff your hero’s power, so taking any opportunity to gain more should always be a priority.

Not every Occult Scroll will benefit your build, or perhaps you got one that would aid your friend more. No matter the case, you can remove Occult Scrolls from your inventory, thus letting your friends have them.

It’s important to know this tip in Gunfire Reborn in case you pick up a Deadly Curse or a Spirit Feline, for example, since many items like these impact your health.

3. The Most Fun Gunfire Reborn Tip – Use Your Grenades Often

Grenades are a plentiful resource regardless of what difficulty you are playing on. Grenades (also called your secondary skill) are quickly replenished from killing enemies or breaking boxes in the environment.

During our runs, it’s almost impossible to run out of grenades, even when using the No Retreat Occult Scroll, which provides a damage bonus whenever you run out of grenades. So make use of your grenades, especially if you are playing Crown Prince, Tao, or Qian Sui.

4. Don’t Use Your Revive in the Early Stages.

In Gunfire Reborn, you have a limited amount of revives each run, but using one costs a portion of your Soul Essence. Soul Essence is fundamental for newer players since that’s the currency needed to purchase your talents. Sometimes it’s better to accept the loss of a run to save your Soul Essence. The faster players unlock their upgrades from the talent tree, the better they’ll be on their future runs.

Because of this, you should avoid using the revive if you happen to die in the first or second stages. However, we can understand using the resurrection during the final section.

5. Simple Gunfire Reborn Tip – Study Each Character

Each hero in Gunfire Reborn has a specific playstyle, abilities, skills, and passives. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each character as you unlock them because certain Occult Scrolls or weapons are better suited for those Gunfire Reborn characters.

For example, Crown Prince loves using Elemental weapons, so any gun or Occult Scroll that enhances any Elemental effects will serve them better, rather than Ao Bai.

6. Movement Speed Is Vital For Your Survival

Lots of situations can be solved by gaining extra Movement Speed. Movement Speed is utility, and all boss mechanics become significantly easier to dodge when you move faster. The faster you move, the harder it is for enemies to track you, especially on greater difficulties, like Reincarnation difficulty. There are ways to heal and gain damage reduction, but it’s better to avoid damage all together.

Another bonus for gaining extra Movement Speed is making Parkour challenges significantly easier. Some characters like Qian Sui or certain Occult Scrolls gain additional damage from Movement Speed. Overall, Movement Speed will always benefit you, and we highly recommend prioritizing it whenever possible.

7. Parkour Challenges Always Have A Bonus Chest

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Newer players might not know this, but there is a bonus chest you can loot from Parkour Challenges. These harder chests will typically require having bonus Movement Speed to reach since the bonus sections have more difficult jumps and turns. Also, once you begin the bonus section, a timer will start, and you must reach the chest before time runs out, or the chest will lock.

Some characters like Lei Luo have insanely high base Movement Speed, so it’s feasible on specific characters, but not everyone. If you can beat the time, we always recommend trying since more Occult Scrolls means more power scaling. Gunfire Reborn tips like this can help ensure your character scales up appropriately into the late game. Take every advantage you can get!

8. Focus On Inscriptions Over Upgrading Your Weapon

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Weapon Upgrades will only improve your damage by a certain limit. Gaining the Exclusive Inscription, Gemini Inscription, Skilled Craftsman, and Legendary Craftsmen will significantly boost your damage. However, Inscriptions will yield far greater results; thus, one of our Gunfire Reborn tips here is that you should prioritize them.

Unlocking Exclusive Inscriptions causes unique Inscriptions to appear on weapons you find during your run. These Exclusives can majorly impact how a gun functions, like launching a fireball every time you land a critical hit.

Gemini Inscriptions can appear on +5 weapons, and pairing two guns with the same Gemini, will give you a remarkable effect on both weapons. An example of one Gemini Inscription is letting both weapons share their elemental effects, so if one weapon deals Fire damage and the other deals Lightning, you can have both elements active on both guns.

Skilled and Legendary Craftsman improves the total enhancements, and you can etch an additional inscription onto your weapon. However, you should still upgrade your weapons, even if the Inscriptions are better. Typically pushing past a level ten or twelve weapon is where you should be since the difference between a level one and a level ten weapon is about 60% more damage.

9. Read and Experiment with Every Weapon

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Every gun in Gunfire Reborn is special and has certain gimmicks to it that make it strong. Some have built-in elemental damage, others have alternate fires, but rarely is any weapon useless. Certain heroes will prefer using specific weapons, but an easy and fun Gunfire Reborn tip is to try everything at least once. We’ve compiled a list of the best guns in Gunfire Reborn, but depending on your run, you may find others more to your liking.

It’s also important to note there are different weapon trees. These weapon types have a general theme, and most use the same kind of Ammo. Currently, there are the following gun types:


All Rifles use Normal Ammo, have a high rate of fire and large magazines, but low critical multiplier and accuracy.

Submachine Gun

Submachine Guns use Normal Ammo, have a very high rate of fire, large magazine, and increased critical multiplier and accuracy, but low damage per shot.


Pistols can use Large or Normal Ammo, and they have high damage, high critical multiplier, and accuracy but a low rate of fire and magazine.


Shotguns use Large or Special Ammo, and each shot is split into multiple projectiles, hitting multiple times with a medium fire rate but lacking range.


Snipers use Special or Large Ammo and have great damage, critical multiplier, and accuracy at the cost of low fire rate and magazine size. Most snipers also have extremely poor unscoped accuracy.


Launches use Special or Large Ammo, have very high damage, and deal AOE damage, but most Explosions cannot naturally crit.


Injectors use Normal Ammo, have a very high rate of fire, perfect accuracy, and large magazines, but have low damage and critical multipliers.

Melee Weapons

Lastly, Melee weapons use Large Ammo and Special Ammo, which have extremely short ranges but have significant damage. Melee weapons also cannot naturally crit.

10. Simplest Gunfire Reborn Tip – Invest in the Survival Tree First

Last on our list of Gunfire Reborn tips to get better at the game, if you want a higher chance of surviving your runs early on, we highly recommend investing in the Survival Tree early on. This doesn’t mean only spending your Soul Essence in the Survival tree; some extra points early on would help you survive.

Still, your first point should go towards Exploration to unlock Vaults. Otherwise, the Survival tree will help keep your heroes alive because the more times you finish a run, equals more Soul Essence.

Wrap Up on Our Tips and Tricks for Gunfire Reborn

That’s some tips and tricks for Gunfire Reborn. Most of these tips are common knowledge, but players should know these little tricks to get every advantage they can in Gunfire Reborn. If you are a new player and want to learn more, check out our Beginners Guide to Gunfire Reborn for more valuable tips.

Happy Hunting!

10 Tips and Tricks You Must Know to Get Better at Gunfire Reborn (2024)


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