Complete Gunfire Reborn Li Build and Guide (2024)

Li is the eighth playable Hero in Gunfire Reborn, being unlocked with the new Visitors of the Spirit Realm DLC. She is a descendant of the Qingqiu Gens, granting her the abilities of a pyromancer and summoning fiery spirits to scorch her foes. Li is the hero for you if you want to turn your enemies to ash and infuse your weapons with burning bright magic.

In this article, we will examine how to play and build Li in Gunfire Reborn to help you burn brightly as this chaotic caster.

Li Hero Summary

Li’s playstyle mainly focuses around dealing ludicrous amounts of Fire damage. Almost all of her Ascensions and other upgrades encourage using Fire damage or inflicting Burning, either with her weapons or skills. Since most of her damage is associated with elemental damage, like the Crown Prince in Gunfire Reborn, any Occult Scroll that boosts elemental damage will be of great use to her.

Li’s biggest downside is one that she shares with Tao in Gunfire Reborn. She has incredibly low HP and Shields, making her a glass cannon, and she doesn’t have good base movement speed. However, she does have massive amounts of AOE damage to clear rooms like no other Hero.

How Li’s Abilities Work in Gunfire Reborn

Spiritual Flame

Spiritual Flame is Li’s Primary Skill. Using Li’s Primary Skill starts the process of channeling a fireball, requiring her energy passive to activate. Using the Primary skill after channeling the fireball will launch it forward, piercing through all enemies and dealing Fire damage with a chance to inflict Burning.

As Spiritual Flame is held, it rapidly consumes energy, up to a total of 60 or less. Every point of energy consumed will increase Spiritual Flames’ damage by 2%. Each orange bar surrounding the Primary Skill represents 30 energy. Energy will only be consumed in groups of 30, but less can be used if it’s launched early.

If at least 30 energy is consumed, Spiritual Flame will evolve its form into three fireballs, granting it +100% total damage and AOE range. If at least 60 energy has been consumed and you have Firefox Blessing, it will evolve a second time into a massive firefox, gaining another +100% total damage and AOE range.

In Gunfire Reborn, Li can gain energy in the following ways:

  • Killing an enemy that was affected by Burning will recover two energy.
  • Blazing Meteor will recover two energy for every enemy, or breakable object hit.
  • 2% of your maximum energy will be recovered over time. However, this regeneration will be stopped while channeling Spiritual Flame.

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Blazing Meteor

Blazing Meteor is Li’s Secondary Skill. Using it calls down a fireball from the sky above a target, exploding once it reaches its destination. Blazing Meteor deals Fire damage and has a 50% chance to inflict Burning. However, reach Meteor has a limited range, preventing it from hitting distant enemies.

If an enemy or breakable object is close enough, the Blazing Meteor will attempt to lock onto them. Holding the Secondary Skill will show where the Meteor will land, allowing for more accurate aiming. Enemies hit by Blazing Meteor will be staggered.

Li Strengths

Complete Gunfire Reborn Li Build and Guide (1)

Li’s biggest strengths are dealing big chunks of damage to enemies or significant AOE crowd control. She primarily relies on her abilities over her weapons. Combining Blazing Meteor and Spiritual Flame, Li’ can clear hordes of enemies like no other Hero in Gunfire Reborn.

Unlike Crown Prince, who is a master of juggling different elemental builds, Li sticks to Fire damage as her primary power source. The more enemies she sets ablaze, the faster her Primary Skill comes off cooldown, giving her massive damage bursts. Her weapons also can be enhanced with her affinity for Fire, which enables more Burning procs, thus giving her energy for her Spiritual Flame.

Through this cycle of continuously setting her enemies ablaze, she can regain energy to cast her Primary Skill. The more Fire damage she can dish out, the more energy she can refund to keep the fires blazing.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Li in Gunfire Reborn

Always seek the best guns and other weapons in Gunfire Reborn that can help her fire damage and Occult Scrolls that influence her elemental damage. Stacking Shield regeneration or high defensive upgrades will also allow her to stay in the fight since she has the lowest HP and Shield out of any Hero in Gunfire Reborn.

Also, make sure to use Blazing Meteor whenever possible since it has a 50% chance to proc Burning. When Li kills an enemy in Gunfire Reborn afflicted with Burning, she gains extra energy back for her Primary Skill.

Since Li’s primary damage type is Fire, she can make use of some elemental effect combinations when fusing her fire damage with other elements. If you are new to Gunfire Reborn, we highly recommend looking at our Crown Prince guide to fully understand how elemental effects work.

Li’s Best Talents

Every character in Gunfire Reborn has three talent trees that focus on enhancing their guns, abilities or utility. Li’s talent tree focuses on improving her weapon damage, Blazing Meteor, and Spiritual flame. There are many viable Li builds in Gunfire Reborn for focusing on one tree over the rest.Yet. We found that focusing on enhancing Li’s Spiritual Flame allows her to replenish her energy and reset her cooldowns even faster.

Firefox Blessing

After Spiritual Flame evolves, deal an additional hit for 50% of the base damage scaling up to 100%. At level two, Spiritual Flame can evolve a second time at 60 energy, gaining another +100% damage and AOE. At level three, evolving it a second deal leaves a burning path that deals 25% DMG every 0.5 seconds for three seconds after the ability was cast.

Firefox Blessing is a core talent to obtain when going for a Spiritual Flame build. It rewards you for channeling more energy into your Primary Skill, thus ramping up its AOE and range to clear an entire room’s worth of enemies in a single cast. Firefox is especially important to get level two, at least, to allow your Spiritual Flame to evolve a second time, which can chunk Bosses and Elites.

Energetic Spirit

Gain +60 max energy up to +120 and energy recovery speed. Li gains 200% energy recovery at level three, and energy consumption can exceed 60. For every additional 30 energy consumed, gain a +0.5 damage bonus to all extra consumed energy.

Energetic Spirit combined with Firefox Blessing allows for some insane energy regen and evolving your room-clearing fireball to ludicrous heights. Energetic Spirit helps the energy regen significantly, on top of Blazing Meteor also granting you energy. This is another must-have talent for any Spiritual Flame build.

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Furious Flame

Furious Flame grants you extra Fire DMG, scaling from +40%, then +80% up to 120%. You gain an additional 33% DMG bonus against enemies with Shields/ Armor at rank three.

Li’s always dealing Fire damage, making Furious Flame free DMG scaling. Whether you are making a Spiritual Flame or Blazing Meteor build, you will benefit from taking Furious Flame. The rank three also helps shred through Shields/Armor since Fire damage only deals bonus damage to base HP and struggles against any extra protection enemies may have.

Flame Talisman

After inflicting a Burning effect, take -10% less damage, up to -18%, stacking up to five times. At max stacks, also gain extra weapon and skill DMG, scaling up to 100%. Being hit by an enemy consumes three stacks.

Damage reduction is always welcome in any Gunfire Reborn run and is especially helpful in greater difficulties. Blazing Meteor also has a 50% chance to apply Burning, and any other weapons or Fire damage can help ramp up Flame Talisman stacks. We highly recommend taking this Ascension since damage reduction and gaining extra weapon/skill damage is a tremendous boon. This is especially true on a glass cannon hero like Li in Gunfire Reborn.

Nourishing Fire

Restore energy when hitting an enemy with Blazing Meteor. If the energy is full, increase your weapon DMG and skill damage by one percent for each spare energy point. Nourishing Fire lasts for five seconds.

Nourishing Fire is another beautiful talent to take when trying to ramp up your energy regeneration. This Ascension can give you up to ten energy per cast of Blazing Meteor when at rank three. The extra weapon and skill damage are excellent, but we mainly rely on Nourishing Fire’s high-energy replenishment.

Alternate Talents for Li in Gunfire Reborn

A few other strong talents to grab are Endless Wildfires, Heat Recovery, Fiery Heart, and Unceasing Blaze. Endless Wildfires will recover energy when Spiritual Flame kills an enemy, and there’s a 20% chance to instantly receive all energy consumed. Heat Recovery grants you max Shield equivalent to the amount of energy recovered or consumed. Fiery Heart Spiritual Flame will always inflict Burning on enemies.

After casting Spiritual Flame, Fire DMG weapons are guaranteed to inflict Burning on the next hit. Lastly, Unceasing Blaze increases your Blazing Meteor capacity and gives you a small chance to restore charges whenever Blazing Meteor inflicts the Burning Effect.

Weapon Builds for Li in Gunfire Reborn

Complete Gunfire Reborn Li Build and Guide (2)

For weapon builds, we recommend using any weapon that helps fuel Li’s affiliation for Fire damage. We recommend using the Crimson Firescale, Demonlore, Justice, Fire Dragon, or the Cloud Weaver. The Crimson Firescale pairs well with Li from its ability to spit fireballs after charging up from dealing critical damage. These fireballs help recharge her energy and have an additional chance to proc Burning to help synergize with her skills further.

Demonlore is also an excellent pick from its high-damage scaling and natural affinity to deal Fire damage. Using the Justice, or the Fire Dragon, is also a great choice for dealing loads of fire damage. The Cloud Weaver is one of the newest weapons also included in the Visitors of the Spirit Realm DLC and pairs well with her mid-ranged playstyle.

There are a lot of Occult Scrolls in Gunfire Reborn. They can shape the outcome of your build by adding some quality-of-life improvements or drastically impacting your damage output. To round up our Gunfire Reborn Li build, we recommend the following Occult Scrolls.

Damage Boosting Scrolls for Your Gunfire Reborn Li Build

  • Elemental Relic: +5% Elemental DMG for ten seconds whenever you kill any enemy affected by an Elemental Effect.
  • Elemental Torment: +20% Lucky Shot Chance against enemies affected by Elemental Effects.
  • Abundant Vitality: +75% total weapon DMG while your Shield is recharging.
  • Thunder Screen: Deal Lightning damage to surrounding enemies within 12 meters when your Shield/Armor breaks. The DMG is affected by your max Shield/Armor, max HP, and skill DMG.
  • Skill Booster: Crit Hits stack four energy. Using your Primary Skill or Secondary Skill consumes all energy and increases your Skill DMG. +1% Skill DMg for each energy consumed.
  • Elemental Convergence: +15% Elemental DMG for each nearby enemy with an Elemental Effect.
  • Elemental Weave: Element DMG will always cause an Elemental Effect within three seconds after swapping weapons.
  • Blazing Hoop: Every ten seconds, release a flame pulse that deals 200 Fire DMG and inflicts Burning for three seconds on all enemies it passes through.
  • Flame Shard: Gain +25% Fire damage and become immune to the negative effects of the Burning effect. The additive effect is doubled while in the Burning effect.
  • Mystic Mirror: Alternate between “Yin” and “Yang” state every 12 seconds. The “Yin” state offers -20% DMG taken, and “Yang” state grants +50% DMG dealt.
  • Elemental Magazine: Deals an additional 50% DMG when Weapon DMG causes an elemental effect.

Other Occult Scrolls that are Useful

  • Elemental Bestowment: Recover 1% Max HP and five ammo of the currently used weapon whenever you deal Elemental Effect to enemies.
  • Abnormal Speed: +1% movement speed for every 1-% Shield/Armor you currently have.
  • Advance Joggers: -50% Dash cooldown
  • Fire Enthusiast: Whenever you inflict the Burning effect on enemies, also inflict Burning to yourself. While you are Burning, Fire DMG has 2% life-steal.
  • Silver Medal: Your Shield starts recharging when you kill an enemy or destroy an item.
  • Flowing Wind: While moving, the faster you move, the less DMG you take. (Up to -20%)

Wrapping Up Our Li, Gunfire Reborn Build Guide

That’s our build and guide for Li in Gunfire Reborn. Li fulfills the magic caster fantasy extremely well and offers tons of ways to deal insane skill damage to clear entire hordes of enemies in a single rolling tide of flame. If you enjoyed our guide, check out our ranked Gunfire Reborn characters tier list to see what other great heroes you should unlock and play with.

Complete Gunfire Reborn Li Build and Guide (2024)


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