KRYPTOZOOLOGY, by ThatBoiCarter (2024)


C. Kemp, Griffin - KRYPTOZOOLOGY 02:48


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Kempthree knocks to warn ya, then an introduction to destruction of rivalries still respect if on the opposite side of mewon’t reciprocate, sh*t-faced as I’m pissing on your reputation Periods put on careers when this kid spits in exclamationsHalf ass a class to pass yet spit as if im educatedCall out bloodsuckers, a crucifix to which this pen equated Harsh as garlic scent is, bars wrenching stomachs, hammering the point in--to their guts and watch em squirm for my enjoyment Like f*ck the day of the dead, y’all can stay in your coffinsBrainless and rotting, I’m here to create creative concoctionsWhile I’m on the face of this rock, I’m going Aesop ASAPMake yall take back statements cause they’d make yall look badcannon cook that, cooked cats with several techniques of skinning emand kemp crafted the scripture here hitting your equilibrium Captain this galleon, drive it under the influenceA bad example, if ever get influence, sure to misuse itGriffinThis panther paces uncaged with a taste for bloodSprays loose, break tooth, taste irony like stained razor rust
in the mountains of madness this cats stalks the blacknessWith sharp canines and them tracks he talking trash with Loud as cats in the trash bin fighting for foodMaul your face then light a spliff, just tryna lighten the moodClaws digging in your so called thick skin, isn’t factEvery detailed line is like an open paw bitch slapSpit that, rinse that, sleep, repeatThe process, f*ck that processed sh*t you people eatWe cook it up, pump the temperature up to three fifteenBeware the ides, killing your kings with each sixteen releasedgriffin obnoxious, venomous, toxic a regimented menace with two pens in his pocketrocket launching madman advances on, march forth pulls strings like this kid is playing the harpsichord


Griffin - GRIFFINS REVENGE 02:20


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recording live from the depths of space, extra strength keep train of thought till engine breaksplan’s to monkey wrench the game, watch it crash to grounddissolve sh*t with an acidic tongue, pop a tab, get downHe spat hallucinogenic, all expedients exploited poison-bleeding lips got competition choking, constrictedthis boa bit in, a vipers venom behind the dental structurewove this one with a vampire fang in flesh because my pencil rupturedno blunders seen, can’t fumble these, must do justice to thesespace racing, i’m the cat you should be rushing to beatstalling absent, appalled at the accents some forcecharacteristics, then go rapping like they had been to warsfabricated lore portray them more rugged than once suggestednot a drop of knowledge bout where they’re repping and never used a weaponi prefer the shadows of the twilight zone in isolation, a known psycho who writes cyclones in a makeshift lab with a blade and a zip of reggie (rest in peace) hitting chems yet never was a fan of chemistry experimental mind state, i’m engaged in the abstractf*ck equations and math facts, i’ll set my own centerpiece never be influenced by status quos irrational that imposed uponpassing though my focus goes beyond a percentage given recommended giving my life to religion or somethingthough i follow no leader, guess what then Hell? here i’m comingrun in and out and swipe an ounce of their finest lettuce cannabis straight out of the devils private collectionenchanted, possessed and tipping slanted or face in the desk a Sasquatch when i go apesh*t and end up breaking your neck on step seven of eight to perfection, exaggerations explicit critics get hit in vital nerves if they ain’t saying “exquisite”that goes for any sh*t bag brainlet admitting that their taste is a disgrace if i play and they don’t listen omitted and underestimated, having me pissed offcasually kicked off a battle that he’ll leave without losskryptids and outlaws verse these kittens without claws surely blitzed when i’m hurling this out in song, turn the sound upthese clowns f*cked in eardrums, get loud so the c*nts can hear arousing crowds f*cking with it, got a blunt behind the earwax in it, hash brimming, like the sh*t could barely fit in i’m hitting it, bitch i’m swigging sh*t, dex and trees? bet i’m mixing itTripping for the music enhancement, to have my mental enchantedNever leaves those trees alone or leaves the pencil abandonedCannon, Kyle, kryptonite, kemp, last but number oneIts the monster in the making, names griffin, now run



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Griffin - WELCOME 2 THE CEMETERY 02:18


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Welcome to the cemetery,Instrumentals bent on a pencil and every sentence scary,Like a prophet demonic, mind infected with toxins, Possessing my head and invading the sub-conscious,Straight atomic, came to bomb sh*t, Paint the monstrous, erase the positive, Hadn’t arrived to stall, man I came for conquest, With styles switching so quick that this sh*t make you nauseous, Well what the f*ck do you have to say?Me personally, I’d say throw them raps away, Need surgery when these sharp terms slash as blades, Assassinate, cutting edge like an axe to face, Experimentations end up tainted and mutated, See me switching up these sides, Jekyll hiding his two faces, Shaking you to a rude awakening, The dead we raising, supernatural sensation, In the lab till the closing of day, Staying focused on my motives, there’s no going astray, Remain face in the books, cats gave em some looksA lotta guys got they opinions, afraid they’ve been mistook, Changing up the perception, Keep the people guessing and still give em unexpected, But nothings unaccepted, No matter how they question a motherf*ckers direction,griffin straight from planets beyond, Several focuses on brain but I just ran with these songs, , Back on the prowl like a hound in the darkened night, Back to astound, shatter ground when I bark in mic,


J. Dillinger - SPADE sh*t 02:19


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Name? Unimportant, P.I.’s the employment to the underworld a saint, to the public i’m an annoyancegot the snubnose holstered, Marlboro toastedIced liquor burning, badge flashing like it’s boastingAnother day, some other case finds its way to the deskCapers get pulled, instigators get sentenced without regretgot a foul mouth that stinks of tobacco and cheap whiskey Puts the book to the powerful under mobster committeeswitty and cunning cuffing Bundys, f*ck the families, f*ck their money but it’s money well spent if you coming to me for somethingdrugged, i tarnished the whip then hit the bar when it’s sixand chug a glass or nine, then have my mind as dark as the abyssHypocritical, bitter as the liquor I sip straightThese crooks in the same boat, they shipmates, mutinyKraken showing scrutiny on unsuspecting prey, suffocatedIn this ocean of sin, solve cases on Sam Spade sh*tcar chases, bar fights, a regular evening dudethat starts with a strict routine of nicotine and boozeloosie drooping on my lips wet, flavored with canadian whiskey aware that the decisions i’m making are riskyfile fumbled open, the glass tipping, gratuity is needed if you need this, want this free bitch? wanna lose some teeth?“man this cop’s the rudest” please don’t compare me to swinenow i’ve got a bone to pick, kid i’ll break your f*cking spine place the satchel on the desk, couple grand in the flapsand now we talking with salary on table, you better stand backlemme do the dirt to keep our offices cleani’m boutta run this government up through the washing machinethe laundering schemes, the mob’ll be after me like Doctor VicFrank, while i got my assistant keeping every spliff dankattempt at every second, never get me in the fish tank my motions open ocean, cosa nostra acting bitch madef*ck with the agency? vigilantes acting crazilysent em high like aviators up to where the angels begod bless, PD says i’m godless, i do not stresscause in terms of experience, these cops got a lot less




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stalked by the sky, by a million eyesthe fleets complete, armada moving through with killers inside extermination imminent, operations ready to advance to make atomic wastelands for occupation, there ain’t a chanceSwitches flip, martian blood soaked dust blownSee them freaks on the tv, ET is ready to come homeCutthroats, the dominant species against incompetent beingsWho concern themselves with sh*t they’re not even needingClouds of death and cosmic dust lurch from the heavens aboveAnd from the veins of deep space come metal vessels of bloodTrickling down like reagononomics, crossing the final stretchSaucers spinning like vinyls singing the sweetest song of deathEach an intricate instrument synthesizing some cyanidea wonder of machinery, a thousand years of science insidethis revelation for religious, they’ve made the mission disintegration of our race from all of existenceprepare armaments, laser cannon cartridges loadedto be unloaded on the populous below usroamed the vacuum for generations, raised our young on a spaceshipnow we’ll send em to earth for vacation after some renovationdestruction for the sake of recreationthere’s no personal spurn behind the burning of your nationsonly survival instincts at play, like your own Darwin would saysurvival of the fittest, mobs from the deepest star system have cameto claim home, no sharing, we’ll establish our colonieswith lasers and highly advanced technologiespossibly the end for you, potentially the end for usworth the risk to murder sh*t, so what if this is senseless bloodcrack eggs to make omelettes, crack open brains to take knowledge crack open cityscapes pavements, let ‘em cave in cus we wont take a hostagetaking your progress, just kidding, y’all far behind i see no individuals cause yall just casualties in my mind


Griffin (Featuring Cannon Kyle) - CONFESSIONS OF MADNESS 02:39


brisk winter brewing, trench coat and glasseslet’s get into it, these confessions of madnessglide silent in slick snow, behind him the wind blowsjust behind the bleeding eyes lies the soul, it’s a bit cold,the goals hover above heads, the flows inject dread so lethalset up endeavors without caring if this legalentertain em like it’s regal, cinematic in every parti’ll blow my brains out to an easels canvas, abstract artit’s them, those who play the most dangerous game and hunt like animals it’s them, massive pests that’ll strangle you with their mandibleskryptids clique, intermediates i’m staying adjacent togot the cook to hook me up with a groove i’ll start creating tomake it through the blizzard to my lair, the labmy man kemp giving his two cents while i’m writing my rapin fact i’d say we’re one in the same, share love for exotic strainssame monster flicks we play, root for the villains with no shameOur desire is to spite you, disregard and fight youFreshest out the loony bin, no telling what we might doA sight too horrid, but we just warming upBefore we melt away your hopes and then contorting your mugsevery afternoon, I’m locked in, steel bar window panesAnd curtains drawn, never held by the reigns of restraintf*ck all that horse sh*t, manure spit, experiment configuringBehavior causes danger, venom spitter freely slithering fly on Harry Potter sh*t, griffin slipping, yo he just might lose itand beat your ass unconscious with a broom stickabsconded with your wallet and some change up in your pocketsspent the earnings on some ganja and a copy of the chronicnothing but a g thang, griffin an invisible invadermaking craters on this spaceship earth while he’s stomping, angry almasti proves ambushes costly their delusional, co*cky, put ‘em to sleep like i’m cosbyMountain rocky, range is Himalayan, names Metoh KangmiThought of me wrongly if you disbelieved, mere kittens to meNo French, you in the little leagues and play on the benchUnathletic but this sport to me, baseball bat to your head sh*tI need a blessing from Jesus, another pair of AdidasSome new gallery pieces, sponsorship Little CeasersWhatever reaches the people, whatever cures my diseases So even if we get evil I want the devil to see usBut I ain't seen him, like an atheist i'm skepticalCreator of mankind? Some losers testicl*sEating mushrooms at the Earth's first festivalThat theory isn't fact but, sh*t at least it's testableHe buys his sh*t in bulk, he likes his best in fullLiving life on the edge, keep it arrestableG-r-i-f-f-i-ncause it's theG-r-i-f-f-i-nand guaranteed if me and him aren't friends, You may never see me again




Breed exquisiteness, convert empires like Constantine Cats are grabbing at it but couldn’t pay an adoption feeClaim them nine lives’ll save em, going one by one he ate/eight em Excel in the seven sins, I’m lusting for the blood of sixesBunch of bitches, pop stars with them flows straight outta five belowFrench and me got weaponry, .44s to a tyrants throatWhos the puss*? You mistook me, three second countdown Before I split your head in two, not one life you can count nowShorthaired, your head as red as Clifford, no second chance dawgPut them paws behind your head or motherf*ckers get them clawsGet em raw, uncut, swearing like a drunken sailorEarly in the morning lighting spliffs and sipping shots of jagerImma wager yall will be failures, paling in contrast to this vampire All bets are off dawg, no switches sides or Imma bang your bare nuts with a spiked bat on some Wu sh*tLoose cannon, unmanaged ready to go kaboom bitch


C. Kemp - MAYBE TOMORROW (?) 03:31


(verse one)Woke face to the screen, it just dawned on meThe path ahead seems paved with the dullest of concreteBut its okay, i play the game, now i’m awake, its fiveA lotta ground i could gain but i aint gonna tryi’ll try and cop another eighth and spend the day getting highlet my brain get left behind as i take the spaceship and fly my way to the couch cushions, honestly don’t really wannabut got no energy so i’ll just fade and put on casablanca it’s like i’m married to the marijuana drink a couple cups of coffee, hippie speedballs got me on thesame spot, waiting to stop lazing, impatient cause i know this stubborn motherf*cker ain’t gon be changing Rearranging my bedroom just to make a path for pacingNo energy for anything except procrastinationCouch locked, key swallowed, my head seems hollowDaydreaming of dream-chasing, saying “maybe tomorrow”(hook)load a bowl or four, go overboard and wallow in sorrowMaybe tomorrowTwist a spliff or six, im getting ripped, the high imma followMaybe tomorrowI’ll bake the eighth by eight in the day, getting baked to tomorrowYea not tomorrowMight be the day after, week after, serve that hash on a platterNow and tomorrow(verse two)Burnt out, can hardly get a word outStarted getting pissed off, reflections getting cursed outThoughts then are stirred round, i should be out to gainOn the road to success drunkenly swerving out of my laneNo brakes in the break, trajectory steady downNot ready now, sit on my ass, overthink and then mentally drownFatigued physically, movement produces miseryScrolling through the brain rot, these zombies don’t want sh*t with meIntelligent, would bet on it, but lacking in my memoryJust maybe i could blame that on the THC chemistryWent to sleep by 12 and then at three awoke slowI tried recording vocals yet couldn’t keep to the metronome Accomplishments are seventy sh*tty songs with exceptions thoughInstead of going somewhere, wanna sit back and just let this goThough if put to work, could go maybe high as ApolloBut instead im half dead on the couch saying “just maybe tomorrow”(hook)load a bowl or four, go overboard and wallow in sorrowMaybe tomorrowTwist a spliff or six, im getting ripped, the high imma followMaybe tomorrowI’ll bake the eighth by eight in the day, getting baked to tomorrowYea not tomorrowMight be the day after, week after, serve that hash on a platterNow and tomorrow


C. Kemp - SIDEWAYS 03:00


Sharpened wits pulling schoolyard insulting, Started quick, had to fuel art to live fullest,Scrambled into incoherent, so-called “lines”, Got a lil co*cky when you heard ya flow’s alright, He don’t go with flows, f*cked around and wrote his own,Chasing aspirations of being on top the totem pole,Face procrastination and fiending for pot to roll and smoke,Overload, reload the bowl, my wires faulty, eyes are low, Horizons though? Far and wide as eyes can show,Ambitious with intermissions dismissing, thinking quitting,Sinking into submission, and slip into the abyssesSometimes that man in the mirror can be the biggest of critics,“The way he spitting it kryptic, sh*ts too different to give a listen,”Yet nowadays I even got that bitch to give in submissive,Yet I’m still missing those digits, kryptids clique ‘for division,Finished the kryptogram stricken with sickness and future cringing,Bumping Illmatic, playing Madvillain, trapped inThe cycle of hip hop that them old folks just hate when it happens,Staying infatuated, three years later, fascinating My peers and superiors, earning the rights to brag in their facesNASA over and out, Intermediates increasing with each word that we spout, A talent inside, being brought to full light, Not just another knockoff, what the common fool likes, Listening to music as I’m riding my bike, A certain euphoric feeling sits inside of my mind, Got talent, it’s the kind you’d deny, Without hearing for yourself, leaving em kinda surprised, December, I’d really lost a grip, Clouds loom like alien monoliths,Thought this where the bottom is, Thought this is where I’d lost my sh*t, One step after another, Here and there, a setback’s discovered, Glued to ways, I refuse to change, Motherf*cker, got no right to complain,Diagnosed at 7, or was it 8?Either something I’m loving or sh*t is something I hate,Wish to erase, then deciding to embrace,Hey, make up ya mind, man you got it all sideways,Young creative, looking up to sun,Keep ya head high, the day has just begun,Won’t take my time, imma gun it and runAnd when I hit the finish line I’ll celebrate with a blunt

I created a collection of characters and storylines, from alien invasions to private detectives, "KRYPTOZOOLOGY" is my latest and, in my opinion, most well-done work to date.

KRYPTOZOOLOGY, by ThatBoiCarter (2024)


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